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  • Julien started the conversation

    Hello, how can I get the widget that you propose in your demo 1 of the Food Store Theme, without html code please ? There is an extension to use ? I don't know how to modify CSS and I prefer don't touch it.

    I would like to have a widgets composing by three parts, with our informations on the left (opening etc.), different links of pages on the middle, and a contact form on the right side for example.

    When I use the Customization menu, I obtain this parts one above the over, in a square. I used Nixe for an other project, and it was so simple to use.

    I hope you can help me,

    Best regards,

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    Martin replied

    Hi Julien,

    Thank you for interesting in the our theme!

    We used the Drag & Drop Visual Composer plugin so you can easy to customize the theme.

    You can use Widgets in Admin Panel.

    Thank you!

    Best regards,

    Martin, ThemeFTC support team Manager.