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  • cuixiao zhao started the conversation

    1, I can not find my API Keys; can you please tell me how to get it?

    2, Go to Appearance > Menus to create or edit a menu that you already have. Only first level of menu items can enable Mega Menu. Just check Enable Mega Menu option<<<<I do not have this Enable Mega Menu option...

    3, Adding Footer Content, In admin panel, you go to Footer Blocks:<<<<I do not have this Footer option as well.

    4, Shall I only download and active the plugin from Themeforest, or I can also active other Plugins? I got many recomendations, how should I deal with these?

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    Kevin replied

    Hi cuixiao zhao !

    # 1API from google is no longer used, you don't need to import it, use wiget maps from WPBakery or Elementor

    # 2 Go to Mega Main Menu and choose the primary to activate it for the main menu
    # 3 go to FTC Footer to create your footer, and choose to show the 3 sidebar "Footer Top, Footer Middle and Footer Bottom" with widget "FTC - Footer" (when going to Appearance-> widget)
    # 4 Please activate the plugins that the theme requires at Appearance-> install plugin


    Best regards !

    Kevin, ThemeFTC technical expert.